Monday, February 24, 2014

7/3.5 miler S2F fun runs

On Thursday Sean and Donny from “Start 2 Finish” were out marking the course for the 10 and 4 races that were to happen this past weekend. Thunderstorms and copious amount of rain were dropped on Charlotte on Friday morning. This added to the water already accumulating from the melting snow from a week ago.

When they checked the course on Friday afternoon, they found much of the greenway under water, and not just under water but up to your waist under water.

Doing their best, they then started working with the city officials on an alternate course so they could continue to hold the race. No matter what options they suggested, nothing got approved. Thus they had to postpone both races.

Word went out late Friday evening that the race was postponed, but they would be holding 7 and 3.5 mile fun runs.

I had been tapped work a water stop for the race. Yeah, I know. It does sound like an intended “pun” that the race was “stopped” by water. Anyway, since I wasn’t working the water stop, I decided to head over and run with the crew doing the 7 and 3.5 mile runs.

S2F had their tent setup, their finish line was up, they passed our shirts, and they would have a post race breakfast of pancakes.

This was a tough situation and very little that they could do about it. Fortunately, everyone was a good sport.

Really, we all should be. To hold a race, there are lots of moving parts. Some of those parts, race directors can control and some parts, they cannot. The weather is a major one of them.

I give Sean, Scott, Donny, and the entire S2F crew a “thumbs up” for their efforts.

For those registered for this race stay tuned to S2F for updates.


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