Tuesday, November 6, 2012

6 x 800 repeats

OBX is just a few days away and I have this nervous feeling in my gut that I hadn't had in a while. When I returned to marathoning a few years ago, I would get these butterflies in the days and hours leading up to the race. But in the last few marathons, the butterflies seemed to have been a thing of the past.

Meaning, I am not sure why I have them this time around.

Anyway, on to my workout today – after exchanging some txt messages, Megan and I settled on heading to the track for our workout early this morning. She had 8 x 2 minutes while I was doing 6 x 800. This is my usual last premarathon workout. And, per the usual pattern, I am doing it on Tuesday before the big day.

But first, let me give a little back story.

On Friday, I got some work done on my hamstrings and last Tuesday, I had my Biometric screening where they withdrew some blood. For whatever the reason, I have had this dragging feeling ever since. It's like mentally, I know there is another gear there but I cannot get my hands around it to use it.

This morning, I clicked off repeats of 2:46, 2:47, 2:46, 2:46, 2:45, and 2:41. Granted, this was a solo workout. Even thou, Megan were doing similar workouts, we were doing them separately. We just happened to be on the track together doing them. Therefore, I was gauging my effort all internally, and I just was not able to settle down and feel comfortable during the workout.

Granted, the workout went decently well, but I felt like it could have gone better. Maybe I am just expecting too much. I mean – really – it was still a decent set of splits. And, honestly, I harbor no expectations that I will be running 5:22 miles at OBX.

On the brightside, this was my last hard up tempo effort before OBX. Now, my runs are shorter and easier. I can do nothing but damage my chances at a good time by running another hard effort.


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