Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Moes Burrito Dash 5k

During a race runners rarely stop for a meal but given the right conditions, this all can change. Moes Burrito Dash 5k provided those right conditions or to say it differently, they provided the right amount of cash as an incentive.

The top 3 overall male and female runners would receive $2000, $1000, and $500 respectively.

That's plenty of incentive for many runners.

Which brings me to two runners I know: Caitlin Chrisman and Ryan Woods. Both are super fast individuals and usually make quick work of area 5k races.

They were the overall male and female winners for the Moes Burrito Dash 5k. Yeah, I get that part. They are both fast. But can they eat and run fast.

That's why they really astonished me were their times: 15:57 and 17:43. To give their times some perspective, I ran a 5k a few weeks ago in 17:38 and didn't make any stops to eat.

Based on what I read, somewhere in the middle of the 5k, there was a burrito stop. They had to eat a burrito and then say "Welcome to Moes" before continuing.

Honestly, I am just amazed that anyone could run that hard, down a burrito, and then run to the finish.

My hat's off to the both of them and to everyone else that completed the Moes Burrito Dash 5k.

They truly give new meaning to the phrase "Eat and Run".

For the results to their race - click here


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