Monday, September 15, 2008

Running at Sun Rise

Marathon training usually comes with a lot of long runs. Like my individuals, I have to schedule my long runs around family which means I usually try to run before they rise in the morning.

Some people may not find this enjoyable but from some reason I do.

There is something about the quiet time just before dawn that bring clarity of thought and peace of mind.

While most people are still snug in the beds, I find great satisfaction in running 6:15 miles during a 28 mile run in these early morning hours. As these people are just rising to start their day, I have already returned home, showered, and started my day with a huge task accomplished. Maybe, I do more than the Army does before dawn, I am not sure. :)

But there one addition thing that makes long run great for me. I have watched sun set over the Pacific ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, raise over the Atlantic Ocean, but nothing seems to compare with running along on a nice Sept morning and watching the sun rise to the east of Charlotte. It transforms an oridinary run into an experience of a life time.

You should try it sometime.

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