Wednesday, September 24, 2008

10 x 1 mile

As I prepare for the OBX marathon, I am always looking for workouts that help push me toward my goal.

One of the workouts that I think really helps is running mile repeats.

A couple of weeks ago, I did a 10 x 1 mile on the track. Going into this workout, I was shooting to run 5:50 miles for each mile. I was a little concerned that I might not be able maintain 5:50 miles the entire way. I suspected that I might slip over 6 minutes.

I warmed up with a mile on the track.

The 1st 3 repeats were rather tough but then I started to settle down. I ran those 3 repeats around 5:49 to 5:51. The next 3 repeats were in the 5:49 to 5:45 range. This really helped boost my confidence. Then for the last 4 repeats, I did in 5:42 to 5:31. My confidence was getting better with each of the last 4 repeats.

When you start running fast and still feel good, your confidence just explodes. In turn, I think this help push me to run even better.

This was tough workout. But I think, it was great stepping stone as I prepare for my fall marathon.

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