Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Historic Mooresville 5k Recap 9.14.08

On Saturday 9/14/08 the Historic Mooresville 5k was held at 8:00 AM in Mooresville, NC. project.

200+ runners turned out to enjoy a warm and humid morning. The course is for the most part a loop course with some section overlapping. There are several major hills on the course and the finish (last tenth of a mile) is extremely steep as it finish behind the Mooresville Library.

I have run this course for the last 3 years and have been fortunate in that I have won the race for all 3 years.

Each year as I look around at the start there is a always a large group from the Mooresville XC team. And each year, I feel a little older.

My first mile was 5:18 but I didn't really feel it until the around 1 3/4. That is when I started pushing over the top of a long hill.

The race director and team put on a fantastic race. There are plenty of venders selling their wears, and lots of food and drink. After the awards, they give a ton of give aways.

Before I forget, I want to get a shout out for them putting on the book run. If you come to the race and run with a book, you have a chance at getting the book award. This is for the top 3 finishers carring a book during the race - Bobby Aswell picked up this award.

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