Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Galax to Pulaski Mt. Bike 100 miler ride

If you read my blog a few weeks back you will remember that I did some riding on the New River Trail.

During the ride I noticed that the distance between Galax and Pulaski was 50 miles. So a round trip would be 100 miles.

Ever since this ride I have wanted to go back for one reason. I wanted to see if I could ride round trip between Galax and Pulaski in 1 day on my mt. bike.

Well, I am getting closer to setting a date for this ride.

I have some time off in Dec so I am going to take one of those days off and do this ride.

Currently, my plan is to start around 7 AM from Galax. If I can avg. 10 mph, I can reach Pulaski by 12 noon and then ride back. Reaching the finish I should arrive around 5 pm.

In prepration for this ride I need to figure out some things like how to get water, food, and fixes for flats (crossing my fingers it doesn't happen) and lights for my bike. There was probably more stuff that I need to figure out as well, but that is part of the challenge in doing something like this ride.

As I prep for this ride, I will blog more about my learning experiences in case someone else finds the info useful or if someone has done something like this, they will share with me.

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