Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blue Points 5K Recap 8.2.08

Run For Your Life put on the Blue Points 5K at BOA Stadium this morning. This event was held in conjunction with the Carolina Panthers Fan Fest.

Clearly having these two events together was a big plus for the race. The number of runners were the largest that I have seen this year.

Kevin Castille took home the win over Bob Marchinko. I believe Kevin was part of a Cross Country team in town from Lafeyette, LA. -btw I think Kevin must have been a coach on the team. Two of the high schoolers from this same team finished with some quick times, 16:25 and 17:14.

Not to be out done, some of the local high school talent show their abilities running 17:03.

For my self, Steve S and I hooked up no more than a quarter mile into the race. We ran side by side passing a number of runners in the first two miles. On the last uphill stretch by the Dowd Y, I was able to open a small gap on Steve which I was able to maintain to the finish.

When I was crossing over the top, Mike B. was not too far ahead of me. I pushed hard catch him but we ran out of race before I could significantly close the gap. He finished 5 seconds in front of me.

My splits for the race were 5:31, 5:30, and 5:39. I ran :46 for the final tenth of mile. Based on my Garmin the final tenth was .15.

After the race Mike B and I did the course backwards as a cool down. I then went to change shoes and by the time that I got back to the front of the stadium, they were calling out the awards.

As the first Masters, I got single shorlder backpack and blue points hat. My oldest daughter is already eyeing the back pack.

Before I forget, I want tag about the temperatures. It was already hot and humid at 7:30 in the morning. I suspect the temps were in the 80 or higher since we were running uptown Charlotte for this race.

About the course, the first mile is broke into about 100 yds of flat at the start, the maybe 200 yds of a slight hill followed by a gradual down hill to the mile. We continued running down hill for another 1/2 or so. At which point, we begin the climb back. This part of the course goes up Moorehead St. There is a tough section around 2 miles and the as you are going by the Dowd Y. Crossing over Tryon, the course is mostly down hill or flat to the finish.

Well this wraps up my my recap for this race. I am not racing again until the Greek Fest 5K on the 23.

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