Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beer Run Recap 8.23.08

Last year I heard about a this event in Charlotte called the Beer run. Then a few weeks ago, I head from Chris that they were having it again this year.

While I am not a beer drinker, I am a huge supporter of the TrySports team.

When Chris and Mike signed up for the event, I couldn't miss it.

In doing my part to save the earth and to get in an extra workout, I decided to ride on my bike over to the race.

I got there a few minutes before the start. Chris and Mike were already warming up for the race - running that is not drinking.

The basic premise to the race is you drink a beer and run a 1/4 mile.

Chris wasn't the first out of the blocks. I guess that he needs to work on chugging his beers. But once rolling, Chris was much quicker a foot.

Mike was following, but he slowed on the beer chugging as well.

Chris ran 7:06 which is just short of the start record if you can believe they hold records for this sort of thing.

Mike was a ways back.

I seen people chug beer before but never while running. The looks on their faces were priceless. Everyone should take the opportunity to see this event. Maybe next year, I will record and post it on the web.

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