Sunday, May 13, 2018

Hydration Vest

Yesterday was hot, and the weatherman was calling for more of it today so I knew that I needed to drink and drink more. Nothing tanks a run like being dehydrated.

This leads me to talking about my new Hydration Vest. The idea of running a 50 miler this fall has me exploring all types of new things these days.

Before today, I had always used handhelds. For whatever the reason, they always seem to be more comfortable, but as I start to stretch my long runs out and in the heat, water plays an enormous in how well my runs go.

Over the last couple days, I have been test fitting my Hydration Vest, adjusting the straps, wearing it around my house to see how it felt, and practicing how to drink from it.

This morning, I headed out for 10 miles with 2 liters of water strapped to my back. Getting the feel of it was a little awkward. I had straps pretty well fitted so the vest didn't bounce around. But with every foot strike the water jostled inside the pack. I also realized the purpose of the straps to keep the drinking hose from bouncing around. Then, after a few miles, the sound the water began to blur into the background. To the point, I no longer noticed it by the end of the run.

I was drink at every mile today, and in an 90 minute, I had drank nearly a liter and half of water. Even thou, the temperature was close 90 at the finish. I felt good. No signs of thirst. Actually, I didn't even need the two extra bottles that I brought with me as backup.

I'll get a better test run in next weekend when I take it out for 18 miles. But from the signs I am going to like using it, and with more hot summer days ahead, I will make good use of it.

The Cool Down Runner

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