Friday, February 16, 2018

Caution - Warm Days a head

Walked outside yesterday, and wondered where all of the cold weather went. Suddenly, my body is fighting to compensate for the sudden change in temperatures. Sweat poured down the sides of my face.

As much as I am ready to pack away my cold weather running gear, this likely isn’t the right time yet. Give it until mid March and maybe even the first of April. The trees will be in full bloom. The time will be right to pack way my winter gloves and hats for the roughly the next 6 months.

That is until a stiff cool fall breeze comes blowing across Charlotte, but let’s not rush it just yet.

I like the warm days. 

Although, this reminds of something that a buddy once said to me. He preferred it cold. He said that as it gets colder that he could always put on another layer of clothes but when it is hot, you can only take off so much.

Every time that I am running down the street and sweat drops off my cap, I smile because I remember back to that conversation with him.

So go grab some miles. It is awesome outside. Sweating is a good thing. LOL

The Cool Down Runner

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