Monday, February 19, 2018

A little dirt makes for a better run

So this morning, I checked the Whitewater Center website, and to my surprise, I saw that the trails were open.

Ok, well, I thought some rain rolled through last night but may be not as much as I thought. When I went past the guard shack, the green flag was waving. This confirmed what I saw on the website.

I laced up my new trail shoes and headed off on the Figure 8 trail and then the Thread trail. The trails were definitely wet and slippy. By 2 miles in my new shoes were covered in mud so were my legs. Normally, I would have done a road run, but since this was President day, and floating holiday for my company, I had the time and the opportunity to hit the trails. A few of the hill climbs were a bit tricky. I could not churn straight up the hill. I had to do this side to side thing to make it to the top. Otherwise, my run was pretty much uneventful.

Of course, I always enjoy any run that turns muddy. This reminds of the days when my mother would tell me to stop splashing through every mud puddles. Now, I go through every one of them making an even bigger splash. However, I still get this eerie feeling that she is looking down on me and frowning – may be just a little bit. LOL.

Anyway, as I was driving out by the guard shack, I noticed that they had switched up the flags. Apparently, in hour or so that I was out running, the trail were determined to be a bit to wet. Luckily, I was finished so no way to undue my run.

You can never get too much mud on you,

The Cool Down Runner

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