Saturday, August 12, 2017

Long Run #5 – No trails.

With the off and on stormy weather for the past few days, the Whitewater Center Trails were closed today. So I was back on the roads for my weekly long run.

Why didn't I run the trails anyway? Well, during the early miles of my run, I contemplated this very question. The result, I came up with 3 reasons. Whether they are good reasons or not, I will let everyone else be the judge.

Reason #1 for not running on the trails, no one like being the trail cob web cleaner. Think about it. No one wants to be the first one on the trails. Catching a cob web across the face is just nasty.

Reason #2 for not running on the trails, didn't want to get busted for it. Yeah, I could sneak in and run the trails but with my luck one of the WWC guys would be out checking and I get kicked out of the center maybe even permanently. No point in taking an unnecessary risk.

Reason #3 for not running on the trails, this might actually be my best reason. The WWC team does an awesome job giving us all these trails and taken care of them. I should be respectful of their rules. If they feel the trails should not have runners, mt bikers, etc on them, we should obey them. Personally, I want these trails to be enjoyed for years to come. Tearing up the trails does no one any good, and likely gets additional restrictions imposed on their usage.

So how was my long run today?

The humidity was the worst this morning. Sweat quickly coated my skin and without the slightest hint of a gust of wind my shoes were soon making that “swooshing” sound of soaked running shoes. By 14 miles, my legs wanted to be done, and they still had another 5 miles to carry me.

But I stuck it out, and I finished my run. The ending was a bit ugly, but I finished it and will live to run another day.

See you on the trails,

The Cool Down Runner

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