Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Break Time

Yesterday evening while going through my weight circuit at the YMCA, I was waiting for the burn in my shoulders and arms to subside before moving to my next set. As I was setting there, my eyes gazed lazily around the room. Never did I linger too long in one spot but taking in all that was occurring around me.

The weight area was a-buzz with activity as one would expect once the 5 o’clock whistle blows. People were moving from machine to machine. Some were doing multiple sets while others did a single set and moved on. Some were tracking their workouts using paper and pencil. Others seem to be lost in the thought as the beat of their favorite tunes drift from their ear buds into their ears. All seemed to be absorbed in their own little worlds. Like a comet in the sky. Their path altered only when another nears but never colliding.

Ok, breaks over time for the next set. Feel the burn again.


The Cool Down Runner

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