Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Wintry Weekend

If there was ever a weekend for doing nothing, this was it. Snow, sleet, rain, a blowing wind followed by bitter cold temperatures provided the perfect conditions for lounging around my house, watching foot ball and college basket ball on the TV. Sounds pretty good; don’t it.

However, lying around my house wasn’t the only thing that I did. Yesterday, I knocked down a 12 mile run during some of the heavier periods of snow.  Some people may dread the snow arriving here in the Charlotte area, but I love it. Put a layer of snow on the ground, and a run over a course that I done 1000 times becomes a completely different run.

Today’s run was a lot trickier. Black ice left me slip sliding throughout my run. Ice, I am less of a fan, but I still relish the challenge that comes with it.  

In a few days, the temperatures will rise above freezing and this January snow of ’17 will be nothing more than a distant memory.  

I guess it is for the best. Otherwise, I wouldn’t look forward them as much.
Here's hoping your weekend was awesome.


The Cool Down Runner


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