Thursday, December 18, 2014


Last night I saw the prescreening of the movie “Unbroken”.  Let me just say if you are interested in being entertained for a couple of hours, this is not the movie for you.

If you want to watch how one man survives despite what this world throws at him, you will find your time well spent.

This movie is set during the World War Two period of Louis Zamperini’s life but flashes back to his time as a child growing up, to his running track in high school, and to his participation in the ’36 Olympics.  The majority of the movie is spent watching him drift on a raft in the Pacific Ocean and later in a Japanese prisoner of war camp.  

Both were such difficult situations and so hard to fathom that it is difficult for me to understand why he just didn’t just give up. This would have been the easy way out. However, something tells me that he never looked for the easy way. He had a personal inner strength inside of him that drove him to stay alive.

We all have this same inner strength. Living up to Louie Zamperini ‘s example should be a goal for us all.


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