Thursday, December 11, 2014

Skechers’ Go Run Ultra Running Shoe


Just over a month ago, the opportunity to try on a pair of the Skechers Go Run Ultra running shoes presented itself.

Since Skechers entered the running shoe market a while back, there has always been some level of skepticism in my mind. After all, when most people think of Skechers, kid’s shoes quickly come to mind. Maybe there are a few that think of adult shoes, but there are probably not many that would put Skechers and running shoes in the same sentence.

Surprisingly, their shoes felt decent. Decent enough that I decided to purchase a pair.

Since then, I have run some of my easier runs in them. Mostly, these were test runs to see how my feet and legs reacted to their ride.

The Go Run Ultras do have a different feel than the other running shoes in my collection. The heel portion tends to feel like it has more cushion than the forefoot. This is not to say that there is a rocking motion. My runs usually start out with me being a heel striker, but as my body warms up, my strides shifts to more of a forefoot striker.

These shoes will definitely stay in my rotation of shoes, and they definitely changed my perspective about Skeckers’ efforts to enter the running shoe market.


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