Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A very Cold Tempo Run

6 degree temperatures brought out almost all of my cold weather gear yesterday. Compared with my normal tempo run clothing, I now understand what it might be like to be surrounded by bubble wrap.

Just pushing out my front door, the shift from being warm and toasty to being chilled to the bone didn’t take long. Lucky for me, my Garmin was quick to boot up and I was on my way.

My muscles are normally pretty stiff during the early miles, and they were a tad more so yesterday. But this  was quickly shaken off and I was into my tempo run.

Because my hands normally get pretty cold during these runs, I added hand warmers to my mittens. I should note that during the first couple of miles, they were working a little too well. My hands felt little like they were touching a hot stove. After about 3 miles, this sensation went away. I am guessing maybe the 6 degrees had something to do with it.

The rest of my tempo was pretty uneventful. Aside from my upper lip which felt numb and a runny nose which was more like an icy nose, I had no other issues. 

Once I finished, I did notice how quickly that I started to cool down. While I didn’t notice that I was sweating during my run. The dampness was pretty apparent after just a few minutes of walking back to my house. I actually started to feel a cold chill.

A quick hot shower and change of clothes solved the problem. 

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The Cool Down Runner

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