Thursday, June 15, 2017

RfYL Summer Track Week #3 – Washed Out

Hot summer days often end with huge evening thunderstorms. Take Tuesday evening earlier this week for example, our setup was ahead of schedule. But an ominous feeling hung in the air. Dark clouds covered all of Charlotte. Thunder rumbled in the far distance. Keeping our fingers crossed that the storms would pass us by was the most we could do.

Maybe a tell-tale of things to come, the sprinklers on the foot ball field kicked on while I was setting up the clock and soaked me down.

The 50 meter races ended up being the only on track action for the evening. For shortly afterward, the lightning flashed which put an end to our efforts. The wind picked up and within 15 minutes the skies opened up.

For those that don’t know, high school tracks have similar rules to outdoor pools. If thunder and lightning occurs, all on track action stops. Everyone is directed to seek cover. Action cannot resume until 30 minutes after the last thunder and lightning occurs. Runners need to remember; rules like this are put in to place for their protection. Getting struck by lightning is not going to be a fun experience.

On the bright side, Summer Track is scheduled to happen two more times here in June so don’t miss out. Runners on Tuesday evenings come by Myers Park Track. Registration starts at 5:30. Races start shortly after 6PM.


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