Monday, July 14, 2008

RFYL 4 Miler 7.12.2008 Recap

Saturday morning RFYL held their annual 4 mile race beside their Dilworth Store.

The course circles through the local neighborhoods, runs down East Blvd., circles through the Dilworth Loop, and heads back up Worthington where it turns downhill to the finishline.

The course evalation follows as a mostly up hill first mile. The 2nd mile is fairly fast down East Blvd. The 3rd mile has only a slight up hill hint to it. The 4 th mile is mostly headed downhill with a flat finish.

Running a fast time can be tricky on this course. It is easy to get pulled out too fast and then really fade during the 3rd mile. It has happened to me many times.

The race went off only a few minutes late. I headed out following Steve Spada during the first mile. We ran pretty much side by side or with him a step or two in front of me for the first 2 miles. As we were turning the corner at 2 miles, Steve indicated we were going to be catching the guys in front of us. I wasn't really paying attention as I was just trying to keep up.

We caught Mike Beagay going into the Dilworth loop. He started throwing in surges and Steve picked-up the pace to go with him. I wasn't feeling the greatest at that instance. We turned the corner on to Worthington. Mike threw in another surge and I decided to chance it and go with him. I felt Steve wasn't reponding to Mike's surge. If I had anything left this was the time to use it and I started throwing in some surges of my own.

From that point on I didn't look back only forward. Chris L. pulled off the course. The heat and humidity were high and Chris was showing signs that it was effecting him. I caught the 5 th place runner. We race through the last down and uphill on the course. I pulled head of him by the final turn.

Then I set my sights on the 4th place runner. I caught him during the downhill section but I couldn't hold him off on the last flat section to the finish. I ended up just a few seconds behind in 5th place

According to my Garmin, the course was about .09 ths long or about 25 seconds. Since I have an alert on my watch, I know when each mile has been completed. Based on this I think the additional distance must have been included in the first mile. I remember hearing alert sound and it sounded pretty much at the same point before each mile.

For me, it was a good race. I was expecting to see Steve among others just pull away. I am not sure where the surges came from on the 3rd and 4th miles. But it felt good to want to push and have the legs responding.

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