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A couple of weeks ago, I headed over to the Charlotte Running Company for a Run Safer clinic. Todd William, a two time Olympic Runner, was in Charlotte teaching these sessions for the week.

If running were not dangerous enough avoiding cars, our society has people that will take advantage of an in tentative runner. Being prepared for such times is a must in my opinion.

While the focus of his class is tailored toward women, the concepts that he discusses should work equally well for men or women.
Having daughters, I tend to worry more about their safety. I guess it is just the nature of being a dad. Todd's clinic gave them a glimps in to the training necessary to handle a difficult situation. On our ride home, I was talking to them about taking a class over the summer to expand on his concepts.

During his clinic, he talked about 5 Run Safer Techniques. I have listed them below….

1)      Grip Breaking

2)      Targets

3)      Ground Escape & Offensive Tactics

4)       Counters to attacks from the back

5)      Demonstration of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

He also discusses Safety Tips that everyone should know……

1)      Safety Word – Invisible Man

2)      What’s Available

3)      Walk Empowered

4)      Don’t Be Predictable

5)      Car Parking and Getting Prepared

6)      Avoid Isolated Areas

7)      Be Smart When Listening to Music

8)      Let Someone Know What You’re Doing

9)      Power In Numbers

10)   Go With Your Gut

11)   Educated Yourself On Self Offensive Tactics

12)   Always Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

13)   Targets And Correct Mind Set

14)   Safety Clock

Todd’s website is See Todd in action as he demonstrates one of his techniques.

Todd teaches these clinics for free.

After the session, I talked to him for a few minutes, and we made tentative plans to hold a clinic for CRC members somewhere in the fall Oct/Nov timeframe.

Like the name of Todd’s website, we could all “Run Safer”.

Sharing one thought at time,

The Cool Down Runner


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